Tree Trimming, More Than Just Taking off the Edge ­­­­­­­­­

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We’ve all seen it at one point or another, that one shrub along the sidewalk getting too long that it starts to block the sidewalk, or that one tree that’s too tall for its own good that when there is a strong gust of wind that it looks like that it will topple over any time. At those time, most people would just take the chainsaw, or axe and cut up whatever seemed to be the problematic part of the shrub or tree. Yet we’ve all seen it before, the awkwardly cut-up shrub, that ends up growing back really quickly and it becomes worse than before! 

Trimming or pruning down trees or shrubs mean more than just cutting off the top and calling it a day, not only will it leave it aesthetically worse than before once it grows back, but it also worsens the health of the tree or shrub and may endanger other people and property. 


Trimming? Pruning? The art and science. 


As people would normally cut down branches of trees and shrubs to avoid them causing damage or be a nuisance, proper pruning which is the act of cutting down branches to achieve certain purposes, whether aesthetic or economical can be seen from landscaping to farming in which trees of certain types are trimmed down only in specific seasons in order to efficiently allow the trees to bear fruit and not hinder each other with their growth in plantation sites where the leaves can cover sunlight of adjacent trees, or collide with each other. And also, the process of tree pruning requires various tools for precision in the craft. These are; 

  • Chainsaw – generally used for thicker limbs, but may shred smaller limbs of the tree/shrub. 
  • Pole-pruners – either shears or a saw which is attached to an extendable pole which allows the reach of farther and smaller limbs. 
  • Pruning Saw – for the cutting of somewhat large limbs which need more delicacy than which is offered by the use of the chainsaw. 
  • Hand Shears – typically used for delicate cutting of small branches. 
  • Lopper shears – Allows more leverage for branches which the hand shears have difficulty in cutting. 


Also, the position in which a cut is to be made differs in its purpose, whether to allow the growth of more fruits to lowering the odds in which another limb would grow on the same limb. Wrong cutting of limbs would hinder the tree’s/shrubs natural protective mechanisms which would allow the entry of pests and disease into the tree. 


With all the various care and meticulous care required in the proper trimming and pruning of trees and shrubs, there are professionals in which are ISA (International Society of Arborists) certified which certifies them in proper care and maintenance of trees. Improper pruning may lead to property damage in the long run, and also may pose a danger to one’s self as improper practice of cutting and pruning of trees may lead to parts of the tree falling overhead. 


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